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Hen PartyThe hen night is the night a bride celebrates being single for the last time it has become an event brides to be have started to put greater emphasis on. Normally the chief bridesmaid organizes the evening for the bride to be as a surprise but it really doesn’t matter who organizes it. Hen parties are becoming more and more extravagant and being held abroad, on vacation or at leisure parks and it is an important part of the wedding transition for some. You want mark yours as unforgettable night of fun and laughter. Here are some tips to make your party go with a bang:

1.Arrange the stripper and the DJ well in advance as they get bookings months and even years before events. Make sure you read reviews from other parties and watch videos of them doing their act before you consider hiring anyone.

2.Choose people, who will enjoy the evening, there is no use in offending anyone, if you will be expected to invite your mother and your aunt etc and you know they won’t enjoy the evening, maybe it would be better to arrange another evening to spend time with them or even a spa day.

3.Do suggest everyone contributes to the cost or treats you on this special occasion.

Hen Party4.Make sure the bar or venue you are holding the party is lively with good music ongoing.

5.Provide some food or snacks, this can be fun e.g. you can cut the food into shapes or buy some chocolate penises or maybe serve hotdogs there are so many ways to add to the atmosphere of the party. Organize some cupcakes with short personalized messages from everyone. For drinks a new cocktail created for the occasion would be a great gesture.

6.Arrange the hen party at least one week before the wedding you don’t want to look a mess on your wedding day.

7.Set a plan of activities taking place throughout the event, you don’t want people standing around bored or leading the party off in a direction you didn’t envision. You might start off in a cabaret and have some drinks and a strip show and afterwards go onwards to a nightclub to dance the night away. Don’t be too concerned if the timing is off you don’t need to be set rigid. Make sure everyone knows where they are going if you’re in a strange place and where to meet up.

8.Using props adds to the fun props like crowns and hats or may be all come in fancy dress, funny wigs or adopt a certain theme.

Above all keep the atmosphere light and friendly throughout the night or weekend, you are all there to support the bride to be and have an enjoyable time.