Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions for you to refer to, if necessary, before contacting Strip And The City Agency:

01 – What does Stripper mean?
02 – What does Stripogram mean?
03 – What does Kissogram mean?
04 – What does the act consist of?
05 – What happens if I cancel?
06 – Can I book an act on the same day as my event?
07 – How do I pay you?
08 – How much will it cost me?
09 – Can I choose the act I want?
10 – Who organises the venue?
11 – Will the stripper perform The Full Monty?
12 – How long does the performance last?
13 – What areas do we cover?
Designed for single sex audiences specifically in mind, strippers are for the private venue. Total nudity involving choreographed sound and movement, strippers are a totally visual experience. Ideal for more broadminded groups of friends for a special evening, or as a promotion or fund raising evening, strippers provide a complete evening of entertainments when working together with each other or with comperes.
Stripogram is a kissogram with a strip, so that as well as verbal entertainment our messengers can increase the fun. In their routines all messengers use props – balloons, cream and baby oil – are mostly standard, though you can let your imagination run riot with marshmallows and strawberries! For an all adult party a full strip is also available.
At the venue, time and outfit of your choice, the male/female kissogram messenger will perform minimum ten minute routine on their ‘victim’: usually such a non-stripping kissogram involves the minimum embarrassment to the recipient and are suitable for very refined, mixed-sex occasions – a dashing ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ to present a single rose to a lady on her birthday from a secret admirer or a naughty French-Maid to dust off a gentleman at his retirement. These non-stripping Kissograms provide that ‘special something’.
Most of our services are self-explanatory, but for Strippergrams and Kissagrams, the act normally consists of a choreographed dancing/gyrating routine, with some audience participation, depending on the individual circumstances.
Unfortunately, your booking fee is non-refundable and so you may lose it. You may reschedule or change the date/time or venue of your occasion or event, providing you give suitable notice (24hrs +), although you do risk losing your first choice performer if they are already booked for the new date/time. We try to be as fair as we can and we will help you as much as we can in order that you don’t lose out.
Yes! We do take last minute bookings, so we can provide a performer at very short notice, even if it’s the same day as your event or occasion. However, we highly recommend you book as early as you can to ensure you get the best possible choice of performer(s).
We ask for a booking fee, payable via credit/debit card or bank transfer with the remaining balance to be paid in cash on the night (to be given directly to the performer).
The price for one of our stunning strippers starts from £120, but its largely dependent on the stripper you require, the travelling distance and the day and time of the event, so please contact us for a free, no obligation quotation. Please be wary of agencies that offer incredibly cheap perfomers – you will get what you pay for (you will NOT get the top performers for under £120 normally). Our prices reflect the quality of our performers.
To a certain degree, yes! We provide a large selection of male and female strippers and performers for you to choose from. However, as you will appreciate, the acts are all subject to availability. Please contact us to ensure your preferred performer(s) is available. If we cannot provide your first choice performer we will be sure to offer you a very suitable alternative (covered by our Booking Guarantee).
It’s entirely your responsibility to arrange the venue and to obtain permission for the stripper(s) or performers. There are many venue’s that allow strippers to perform, but if you do get stuck for a venue just contact us and we will be happy to advise you on a suitable venue. Over the years, we have built up a substantial list of helpful venues that do allow strippers, so you can be sure we can recommend an excellent place for your special occasion or event.
Yes, if you require it! However, if you only want your performer(s) to go down to a g-string or thong then that is upto you. You state the level of undress you want! However, you must obtain permission for the Full Monty from your chosen venue (please be aware most pubs and clubs will not allow it).
For a Strippergram/Kissogram: The Stripper will perform for a 15-20 minutes and may stay for pictures afterwards for 5-7 minutes (depending on their schedule). If a situation or venue doesn’t allow for this length of performance, the artiste may have to shorten their performance. When booking a venue please allow at least 1 hour booking time for stripper to arrive, get ready, perform, get dressed and leave.

For our Topless Waiters / Hot Hosts: It depends entirely on how long you require them, but they can be booked in hourly slots. For all other services: Please contact us directly with your request.
We cover England, Scotland and Wales aswell as parts of the Republic of Ireland. However, many of our performers are based in London so the stripper / performer you choose has to be prepared to travel to your location, otherwise we will offer you an alternative who will (don’t worry though – we have great guys and girls in all areas of the country!).

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