Female Stripper in London Called Angel

Name: Angel

Age: 27

Height: 5ft7

Costumes Available: dominatrix, policewoman,mistress, secretary, lingerie

Areas Covered: Greater London

About: Introducing Angel, London's premiere entertainment artist with an impressive 7-year track record of electrifying performances across the UK and New York, US. Angel brings a unique blend of charisma and skill to every event, specializing in making birthday and stag parties unforgettable. With her mixed-race heritage, Angel adds a touch of exotic allure to her mesmerizing dance routines. Fluent in English and conversant in Spanish, Angel effortlessly connects with a diverse audience, ensuring everyone feels included in the celebration. Her performances are not just about dance; they're an immersive experience. Whether you're looking for the sensual elegance of a lap dance for special occasions or the themed excitement of a costume performance, Angel has you covered. She takes pride in her ability to adapt her show to fit the vibe of the night, offering appearances in delicate lingerie that showcases her stunning figure, or embracing the roles of a policewoman or dominatrix to add an extra layer of spice to your event. Angel's dedication to her craft and her clients' satisfaction is unmatched. Her performances are a testament to her years of experience and passion for dance. Book Angel for your next party and let her elevate your celebration to an unforgettable peak of entertainment and allure.

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