Name: Juicy J

Age: 31

Height: 6ft5

Costumes Available: fireman, policeman, tuxedo, James Bond, waiter, cowboy

Areas Covered: London and Greater London

About: Juicy J a male stripper from Dream Boys and The Chocolate Men. He has tonnes of experience from all aspects of stripping. Juicy J likes his presence to be felt, so he likes to start off slow and serious and then slowly build up the tension to give the girls what they want. Plus Juicy has special news in the bag that holds the WOW factor. He used to be AA patrol and one time he went to a breakdown and the lady was amazed that he was a patrol. She mentioned Male Stripping to him. From that Jay got his first job in a restaurant for a girl’s birthday and the video went viral on tik-tock getting 15 million views which then kick started his stripping career in London, UK.

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